Mark (Budgie) Woods


Budgie has been developing and managing safety systems and emergency response in challenging environments since the early '80s. He has been at the forefront of the development of safety systems in the ski industry and managed the safety services operation for Whakapapa Ski Area, the largest ski area in New Zealand, for two decades.

He has also been heavily involved in the alpine cliff rescue of the Tongariro National Park performing many technical rescues and delivering sound training to the rescue technicians.

As a director of Peak Safety, Budg draws upon a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills developed over his extensive career working with a wide range of business operations using a practical approach and a sense of humour.

He loves to ski and is obsessed with riding his mountain bike down hills (and has the associated inventory of broken bones).

If you're into the boring nitty gritty about Budgie:

  • Certificate in Occupational Safety and Health Management from Massey University. (Merit)
  • Certificate in General Management, Graduate School of Business, Auckland University.
  • Certificate in Emergency Management, Auckland University of Technology.
    Intravenous Therapy (IV) certification.
  • New Zealand Qualifications Authority Assessor for Ski Industry and First Aid unit standards.
  • Ruapehu Alpine Rescue Organisation (president)
  • Past member of the Mountain Safety Council Snow and Avalanche Committee.
  • Past member of the Executive Committee of the Mountain Safety Council.
  • Past President of the New Zealand Ski Patrol Association.
  • Local Launch masters License
  • Certified Outdoor Safety Auditor

Budgie also has a passion for the ocean and spent five years alternating between working summers as a deckhand on crayfish boats off the coast of West Australia and winters as a Ski Patroller in NZ.

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