Height Safety

Train your staff to a level where they can understand and manage the height hazard in order to meet the requirements of workplace safety legislation. We have instructor experience and qualifications to be able to deliver a course that will enable your staff to work safely at height. Contact us to arrange a course on height safety, fall arrest or rescue.

Steep Ground Rope Rescue (Non Vertical)

1 day course

This course is for staff who would be team members in a larger rescue. The course can be combined with the Fall Arrest course. This module covers long stretcher lowers on steep ground on one rope using stretcher bearers as the second safety system. Also covers short raises to get someone back up on to a trail if they have fallen a small distance.

Fall Arrest

2 day course

Used for working on steep ground where a fall of over 3 metres is possible. This course is NOT for abseiling to do a job. This covers safe work around heights and an introduction to basic abseiling and rescue. Covers legal requirements.

Rope Access

5 day course

Essentially abseiling to do a job. All aspects of rope access work including anchors, abseiling, rope ascending, rescue.

Vertical Rescue

5 Day course

Vertical ground lowers and raises. High level of competence, skill and equipment required. Focuses on rescue techniques in the vertical environment. This is utlising 2 independent systems and rescue sized loads (250kgs).

Upcoming Height Safety Courses

These courses are run on demand. We can tailor a course to your requirements and the needs of your staff.