Outdoor PHEC Refresher, 2 Days

# 1185

22 Feb 2018 to 23 Feb 2018
09:00:00 AM to 04:30:00 PM
Te Waiariki Purea Trust Base, Boyes Beach, Millar Rd, Lake Okareka

Recommended every two years, the PHEC refresher dredges up all that hard won knowledge gained during your Outdoor PHEC course and reinforces it with practical experience.

Expect problem solving challenges in scenario based settings and updates on the latest emergency care techniques. The PHEC refresher also lets you get hands on with a range of technical equipment including oxygen, defibrillators, BP cuffs, pulse oximeters, backboards and more.

Peak Safety provides a fun and valuable learning environment along with plenty of discussion and of course recertification.