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Pre-Hospital Oxygen Use - Teaser Image

Pre-Hospital Oxygen Use

Organisations such as outdoor education centres, ski patrols, fire brigades, rescue teams and some expedition companies carry oxygen to help stabilise unwell patients prior to evacuation by the emerge…

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Spine Board Use - Teaser Image

Spine Board Use

Spine boards are a useful tool for extracting patients with potential spinal injuries from the outdoor environment to hospital.…

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Adrenaline For Anaphylaxis

There is no doubt adrenaline is a life saving drug. While it does not reverse the production of histamines and other chemicals during an anaphylactic event, it can overcome their life threatening effe…

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Marmot NZ come on board - Teaser Image

Marmot NZ come on board

Peak Safety is stoked to announce that Marmot New Zealand has officially come to the party and kitted out our crew in quality outdoor clothing.…

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