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Cervical Collar Courses

Cervical Collar

Adjustable cervical collar used used by emergency personnel for victims of traumatic head or neck injuries to support a patient’s neck and head.

Adjustable to four adult sizes: Tall, Regular, Short, and No-Neck.

Designed for pre-hospital care, the collar features a large tracheal opening to permit easy access for pulse checks and advanced airway procedures and is Radiolucent, MRI and CT scan compatible.


  • Integrated fastener for the Velcro strap
  • Locks ensure selected size stays in place
  • Adjustment tracks ensure symmetrical alignment of size
  • Easy access for pulse checks, advanced airway procedures, and visualization through over-sized trachea hole
  • Room for large fingers to slide through rear panel opening for cervical palpation

Also available in child size

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