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Outdoor First Aid – 1 Day

That's it in a nutshell really. A day of intense, fun, challenging Outdoor First Aid Training that will arm participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence to manage emergencies away from the road end for extended periods of time until the emergency services arrive.

Don’t expect to sit in a classroom watching the time and waiting for the end of the day. From the get-go, participants are expected to do just that. Participate. You’ll be challenged in a supportive way to solve different emergencies with the skills and knowledge that are layered throughout the day. That could mean leading the management of a helicopter crash scene, assessing patients to figure out their injuries and medical conditions, splinting fractures or stopping bleeds.

Whether it’s a private or public course, you’ll strengthen as a team as you rise to the challenges your tutor throws at you. Remember to bring outdoor clothing so that the weather doesn’t get in the way of outdoor scenarios.

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