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PHEC – Refresher

Time to refresh your PHEC qualification? Expect these two days to fly by as you connect with the other course participants and move from challenge to challenge.

Recommended every two years, the PHEC refresher dredges up all that hard-won knowledge gained during your Outdoor PHEC course and reinforces it with practical experience.

Expect problem-solving challenges in scenario-based settings and updates on the latest emergency care techniques. The PHEC refresher also lets you get hands-on with a range of technical equipment including oxygen, defibrillators, BP cuffs, pulse oximeters, backboards and more. More importantly, it challenges you to hone your advanced emergency care processes to provide better patient outcomes in outdoor (or indoor for that matter) emergencies.

You’ll be thrown into practical scenarios that you’ll need cunning and teamwork and to solve. This isn’t just about a piece of paper. It’s about having the confidence to provide high-quality patient care in the outdoors.


A current PHEC certification, OR an expired full PHEC certification within three months from the expiry date.

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