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Height GWO

Height Refresher

Need to refresh your height safety skills?
We offer refresher training for all types of height training. This is a great opportunity to not only keep yourself current but also focus on areas that you may wish to improve, rescue techniques, for example.

These are one-day courses for those who have evidence of training or unit standards that have been attained in the last three years.  If it has been longer than three years, best practice in the industry is that you should complete a full course at the level that you require.

The one-day refresher covers skills attained during the Foundation/Basic or Advanced course –

Foundation/Basic = If your team are working at height they need to be protected from a fall. This course enables participants to confidently use a safety harness system to keep themselves and others safe. Learners can expect to get hands-on with the relevant safety equipment to put the theory into practice. This course is based on the Unit Standard 23229.

Advanced = This course enables participants to confidently set themselves and their co-workers up with a vertical system to work safely at height. Participants will spend significant parts of the course learning in the vertical realm. The course includes Basic Working at Height material including unit standard 23229, then extends to include unit 15757.


Individual Price: $290 plus GST pp

Corporate Booking: Please email us for a quote or to discuss numbers/ratios, etc.

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