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Outdoor First Aid – 2 Day

The Peak 2-Day Outdoor First Aid course is loved by people who either are new to First Aid Training, want a more in-depth course to enhance skills and knowledge, or need more unit standards assessed.

Our 2-Day Outdoor First Aid Course is not the shortest, nor is it the cheapest but if you want solid training that lasts, this is an awesome option.

Essentially the scope of outdoor emergencies covered (see previous page) is the same but the 2-day course allows more time to go to a deeper level on each subject. For those that have little or no previous training, the 2-day course creates an awesome foundation that gives them the confidence to manage complex outdoor emergencies for extended periods of time.

If Unit Standards are required on the course then the following applies:

2 Day OFA – 6401, 6402 and 6400 are all available. Unit 424 is available on request and involves several hours of pre-course learning and a written assignment. There is an additional cost for completing unit standards.

Upcoming Outdoor First Aid – 2 Day intakes