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PHEC – Full Course

If you want a course that empowers you to manage complex outdoor emergencies at a professional level - our five-day PHEC is the one. We've been running these for over 25 years now and they are more popular than ever. Learn and hone advanced emergency care processes. Become skilled at advanced Pre-Hospital interventions that will produce better patient outcomes.

This is “the beast” among outdoor first aid qualifications and includes Unit Standard 29321 for those who opt in.

Peak was involved in the development of the original six-day, Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC) programme and has delivered it ever since. By introducing pre-course work we have managed to reduce the course delivery days from six to five. Other companies offer a two or three-day PHEC course, but be warned — these five-day Outdoor PHECs are the courses that we believe meet the original PHEC standard. That’s why they continue to be so popular. If you value a huge skill set over a piece of paper then this is the PHEC course for you.

Skills and knowledge gained during this course will arm participants with key decision-making tools away from the road end. Not only will thorough patient assessment allow you to confidently treat patients, but assist you to construct sound evacuation strategies.

During the course, participants will become familiar with the use of advanced emergency care equipment such as oxygen, defibrillators and BP cuffs as well as more invasive, but effective resuscitation techniques.

Delivered by leading outdoor safety and emergency care professionals, this course is for those leading groups in the bush, hills, rivers, oceans or for workplaces that want someone with a higher level of emergency response onsite at all times.

Warning: The PHEC week is a big five days of learning. For those that decide to opt in to the unit standard assessments, there is a reasonable amount of assignment work to be completed. Please let us know if you require any reading or writing support – our team is there to help.


On completion of the course, attendees will receive an electronic (pdf) Pre-Hospital Emergency Care certificate, which is valid for two years along with any unit standards (incl 29321) successfully gained.

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