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Working at Height

Peak Safety offers engaging, hands-on working at height training for individuals and groups whose job exposes them to the risk of a fall.

Participants learn skills to keep themselves and others safe while gaining an understanding of Height Safety Systems that they can apply to multiple worksites. Courses range from one to three days and include various unit standards. Students can expect the classroom time to be minimal and the practical component to be challenging but supported.

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If your team are working at height they need to be protected from a fall. This course enables participants to confidently use a safety harness system to keep themselves and others safe.

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This course enables participants to confidently set themselves and their co-workers up with a vertical system to work safely at height. Participants will spend significant parts of the course learning in the vertical realm.

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Heights Refresher

We offer refresher training for all types of height training. This is a great opportunity to not only keep yourself current but also focus on areas that you may wish to improve, rescue techniques for example.

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Rope Access

Our rope access courses train those working at height to protect themselves from a fall using best-practice rope systems.

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Rope Rescue

This course, based on Unit Standard 23232, builds on the Advanced Working at Height content and assures participants are able to develop sound rescue systems for the workplace.

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