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Rope Access

Our rope access courses train those working at height to protect themselves from a fall using best-practice rope systems. This is not a 'theory' course - participants will be training at height, on ropes with the outcome that those who require a rope to access their worksite can be safe and confident in the vertical environment.

Peak Safety will prepare our trainees to:

  • Set up basic industrial rope access systems
  • Identify hazards involved in this work and learn how to mitigate these
  • Work in a safe manner consistent with best practice guidelines for Aotearoa and international standards
  • Streamline rescue techniques to ensure these are completed in a safe and timely fashion
  • Pre-rig systems for rescue situations – work smarter = not harder.
  • Carry out a range of on-rope manoeuvres and techniques that will be encountered in the real world
  • Have fun doing it.


Book a Course

We’re happy to organise a course at a time which suits your business and employees. Email us to organise a private Rope Access training course for your team at our training centre or your work site.