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Why Peak Safety

We take pride in the way we operate and believe that people are the reason we enjoy what we do so much.

Our courses are run in such a way that they meet industry standards while providing enjoyable, practical and engaging experiences. The products we sell are always what we have found useful in delivering emergency care ourselves. Our services are based on the decades of experience developed working in just about every outdoor environment imaginable.

We are into quite a few adventure sports ourselves and have usually done a bit of what our clients are into: mountain biking, skiing, rafting, sea kayaking, climbing rock, ice and snow, surfing, skating, fishing, diving and kayaking.

We don’t assume to know what is best for you but prefer to work alongside you to help figure out what that is. Peak Safety’s success is built around relationships and you can expect a professional approach that always comes with a smile and a laugh.

Our clients

We have a wide range of clients from adventure tourism operators, film companies, government departments, schools, outdoor pursuits centres and tertiary institutions. Some are small owner-operator businesses and some are the largest companies in the country. Our ability to tailor the course or event to suit your requirements is rewarding for us and ensures a product very suited to you – a win-win situation. We also take our responsibility to the Education Pastoral care code seriously. If you are interested in our lates review please contact [email protected]