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Peak Mouldable Splint

Peak Mouldable Splint - Product Image
$25 + GST

Truly setting the standard for wilderness care, the Mouldable Splint is one of the most popular emergency splints in the world. Dozens of applications make this a must-have item for your First Aid kit. Lightweight and padded, this splint can be shaped to fit both upper and lower body injuries. Suitable for both adults and children. 100mm wide and 900mm long and weighing only 100 grams. The Mouldable Splint comes folded to fit most first aid kits and can immobilize almost any bone in the body, including the neck.

The Mouldable Splint is lightweight and may be rolled or folded for easy storage in emergency kits or backpacks. Requires no extra equipment. It will not puncture and is not affected by extreme temperature or altitude. Waterproof and easily cleaned and disinfected with proper cleaning instructions. The Mouldable Splint is radiolucent so does not have to be removed for X-Ray.

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