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Nelson / Blenheim

The top of the South Island is one of our favourite places to work and play. Our Whakatu-based crew have, in past lives, been sea kayak and raft guides, kayak instructors, SaR volunteers and professional event medics. This background gives us the ability to run Outdoor First Aid, Pre-Hospital Emergency Care and Height Safety courses that are super-relevant to each work environment whether that's forestry, farming, adventure, conservation or education.

Our strength comes from more than 25 years managing safety on the front-line, and our great crew of highly experienced, outdoor people, who share a passion for providing and instructing a range of safety solutions.

If you book a course – don’t expect to sit in a classroom getting bored by endless wordy power point slides. You’ll be outside, hands-on solving complex emergency scenarios or setting up height safety systems that will allow you and your work mates to stay safe at height. We don’t train by reading from a manual. Instead we combine visual components with full on practical elements that give our course participants the confidence to go out there and dominate.


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