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From Otago to Bluff, from adventures to farming the Peak team have run courses in the region for over 25 years. Our job is to deliver awesome Outdoor First Aid training that grows people's skills and confidence to manage emergencies for extended periods of time until the emergency services can arrive. Our job is definitely not to keep people in a classroom looking at endless wordy PowerPoint slides until staying awake becomes the day's greatest challenge.

If you have previous First Aid training then our 1- and 2-day Outdoor First Aid courses are a great step up in content and challenge. Our 5-Day Outdoor Pre-Hospital Emergency Care course is also super popular – and for good reason. At the end of a PHEC week, participants have developed and honed advanced outdoor patients interventions that can make a huge difference anywhere from out in the wilderness to a road vehicle accident.

If your work means you are at risk of a fall, our fully accredited Working at Height courses range from 1-3 days and have a much greater practical component than other courses. To be perfectly honest we don’t actually know that for certain –  but that’s what our Height Safety clients tell us.

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