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Forestry First Aid

Each workplace across the country has different hazards and the bush is no exception. Generally, forestry crews are working a long way from help and if an accident or medical emergency occurs, staff will need to manage patients for extended periods of time until the emergency services arrive.

Our team at Peak are outdoor folk, who struggle to sit still indoors for a long time and we have found, more often than not, that forestry crews are similar.

So we’ve developed a course that takes the key aspects of forestry-based emergencies including; accident site management, solid patient assessments, head, spine and crush injuries, bleeds, vehicle accidents, fractures/dislocations and medical emergencies, hypothermia, etc., and applied this learning to a hands-on, scenario heavy but fun training day.

Expect forestry-specific scenarios where participants can learn and apply emergency processes that they can take back into the bush. This is all combined with standard First Aid course content such as CPR and Defibrillation.


On completion of the course, attendees will receive an electronic (pdf) Forestry First Aid, which is valid for two years for workplace purposes.

What to bring

Lunch, snacks and a drink bottle. Suitable footwear and a jacket are good options.


There are no prerequisites to our Forestry First Aid course, however, there may be requirements if you are interested in being assessed for any Unit Standards.

Book a Course

We’re happy to organise a course at a time which suits your business and employees. Email us to organise a private Forestry First Aid training course for your team at our training centre or your work site. (Minimum of ten students)