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Event Services

Peak Safety offers a complete event safety management service, specialising in ‘beyond the road end’ events, where stabilisation and extrication of the patient to further care is priority.

We can provide:

  • Event medical cover. All of our medics are experienced in safety and emergency management in remote locations.
  • Safety manager and support staff
  • Doctors and advanced medical services
  • Event base medical center (6x3m & 6x3m)
  • Accident management Kits including oxygen, IV, spine immobilisation, etc.
  • Vehicles – 4WDs, side-by-side all-terrain vehicles, quad bikes and dirt bikes
  • Water safety – white water rafts, kayaks and motorised safety boats
  • Assistance with course scouting and selection
  • GPS mapping of the course with all marshal and emergency access points logged
  • Height Rigging Services
  • Safety plans (that meet Department of Conservation requirements)

In the event of an emergency, our staff have a wealth of actual, hands-on experience — not just learnt on a course.  Our medics’ clinical practice level sits between that of a First Responder and an EMT when compared to the NZ Ambulance Standards, but we differentiate ourselves with our skills and experience in the outdoors sector.

We can:

  • Stabilise a patient and deliver a high level of emergency care
  • Liaise with emergency services
  • Provide GPS co-ordinates for rescue helicopter
  • Supply documentation including reports to WorkSafe within the prescribed timeframe that ensures statutory requirements are being met.

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