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Roading & Construction First Aid

Working outdoors doesn't have to mean we are guiding groups up Aoraki, or dropping trees in the bush. If you are working on a building site or a road, you are managing a specific set of hazards that occasionally can cause an accident.

We reckon each workplace deserves a style of First Aid training that not only isn’t boring but is designed to up-skill participants in managing likely emergencies related to their mahi.

Our Hi Vis First Aid courses take a standard day of first aid training, turn it on its head and the results are inspiring. Don’t expect to sit inside and listen all day. Participants will be challenged to solve workplace emergencies specific to their job including; accident site management, solid patient assessments, head, spine and crush injuries, bleeds, vehicle accidents, fractures/dislocations and medical emergencies, etc., and apply this learning to a hands-on, scenario-heavy but fun training day.

Expect worksite-specific scenarios where participants can learn and apply emergency processes that they can take back to their team. This is all combined with standard First Aid course content such as CPR and Defibrillation.

Unit standards are available – please select these on registration or email us to find out what is available.

Upcoming Roading & Construction First Aid intakes